Fanboy level: baku tikam

Dua orang pria yang merupakan teman sekamar di kota Tulsa negara bagian Oklahoma, AS, terlibat perkelahian berdarah gara-gara memperdebatkan mana yang terbaik, iPhone atau Android. Luar biasa.

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Two men are hospitalized after an alcohol-fueled argument began over which phone is better: iPhone or Android.

Tulsa police say a woman found a man covered in blood, stumbling around the parking lot of the Evergreen Apartments around 1 a.m.

When police arrived at the apartment complex, they learned that the roommates had been drinking and arguing over their mobile phones.

Police say the two men broke beer bottles and stabbed each other with them. One of the men smashed a bottle over the back of the other man’s head.

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