Misunderstood Mobile Benchmarks Are Hurting The Industry and Consumers

Dikutip dari Forbes:

The problem with some of these mobile benchmarks and the scores that they generate is that they don’t accurately reflect a user’s experience once they’ve gotten a device and use it. Simply put, the numbers generated do not directly correlate to the user’s experience with the device and device manufacturers, and the press and reviewers using them are unfortunately misleading consumers by using these benchmarks.

Ada banyak orang yang membeli smartphone murni karena:

  1. Kamera yang bagus, kencang, minim lag, cepat dapat update OS, dll
  2. Spesifikasi yang tinggi

Yang 1) biasanya orang awam. Sedangkan orang-orang yang mengakui dirinya “smartphone enthusiasts” biasanya memilih 2) karena merasa mereka merasa tahu “trik” memilih smartphone yang bagus.

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