Kata mbah @saurik, penggunaan istilah “jailbreak” sebenarnya berlaku juga untuk Android (via Reddit):

FWIW, to the extent to which people try to provide technical distinctions between the terms, it argues that the term “jailbreaking” should be used for most Android exploits, as increasingly having “root” is not particularly interesting: you need a kernel exploit to disable restrictions keeping you from modifying the filesystem, or you need a bootloader exploit to disable iOS-like signature chains. Yet, in the end, people end up just using the term “root” for essentially everything, even when that term is being dragged so far away from its relative-to-jailbreaking well-known definition.

Alasannya, karena secara teknis proses mendapatkan root kurang lebih hampir sama dengan proses mendapatkan jailbreak di iOS. Namun, biar tidak membingungkan dan supaya konsisten, kata “jailbreak” tetap dipakai oleh komunitas pengguna iOS, dan “root” untuk komunitas Android.