16GB is a Bad User Experience

Dikutip dari blog David Smith:

What worries me more than anything about this situation is that it is a deliberate choice. When bugs emerge in software or defects surface in hardware they are the unintentional result of mistakes made during the creation of a product. While not desirable, they are much easier to excuse as the inevitable side effect of the process of creation.

The storage capacities of iPhones aren’t a side effect, they are a choice. I cannot begin to imagine the amount of discussion, research and thought that Apple has put into the capacities of their headline product. I’m sure bumping up the base model to 32GB would cost the company more and so by holding the line at 16GB for another year they will increase their profits. This near term benefit will surely help their balance sheet in their next earnings call but comes at the cost of the day-to-day experience of some of their customers.

Yup yup yup… debat soal “16 GB sudah tidak cukup lagi” kembali dimunculkan ketika Apple memperkenalkan iPhone 6S dengan varian penyimpanan terendah 16 GB. Dan saya sangat setuju kalau dibilang 16 GB itu buruk untuk user experience.

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