AT&T sues former employees, alleging massive phone unlocking scheme

Dikutip dari Ars Technica:

Prashant Vira, who operates Swift Unlocks, “paid Evans at least $20,000 for her placement and/or execution of the malware programs on AT&T’s protected computer systems for the purpose of securing the fraudulent unlocks,” AT&T alleges. Swift Unlocks paid Sapatin at least $10,500, AT&T further alleged.

The malware allowed commands to be issued from a remote, unauthorized server and used “valid customer service personnel identification numbers” to process automated unlock requests without proper authorization, AT&T wrote.

Wow. Mungkin beginilah “background process” untuk setiap layanan unlock berbasis IMEI yang populer digunakan orang-orang untuk mengunlock hape yang dibawa pulang dari Amerika.