iPhontPorter, cara mudah porting font untuk iPhone

Buat yang suka gonta-ganti font di iPhone (jailbreak) kalian, sepertinya makin mudah nih untuk memasang font-font keren. Tinggal cari font yang diinginkan (dan legal) di internet, download, lalu port/konversi lewat iPhontPorter ini.

Syaratnya tentu saja, harus jailbreak (iOS 8 – 9.0.2) dan ada aplikasi BytaFont versi 2 atau 3.

iPhontPorter™ is a website that allows you to automatically port any font to iOS (provided that it is freeware or open-source). We are happy to say that it is the first site of its kind 😊 The process of ‘portation’ is very similar to that explained in the many guides available online except that here it is automated by a back-end program.

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