Ubuntu tablet pertama diperkenalkan

Dikutip dari OMG!Ubuntu:

Canonical has officially unveiled the world’s FIRST Ubuntu tablet, the Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition.

Made by Spanish OEM Bq, the 10-inch tablet runs the same core Ubuntu operating system as the Ubuntu Phone but the user experience dynamically adapts based on input and screen size.

This means it’s able to work both as a tablet and provide a full Ubuntu desktop experience — the first such device to do so.

Canonical say the M10 is ‘the first in a series of converged devices’, suggesting that more hardware will be announced in the coming months.

Dari The Verge:

Plug in these peripherals and the 10.1-inch tablet switches from a full-screen mobile layout to a windowed user interface. Add a monitor, and you’ve got an Ubuntu PC. It’s a niche computing experience, but it’s one that’s full of possibilities.


Setelah Ubuntu Phone, akhirnya Canonical memperkenalkan Ubuntu Tablet.

Setelah membaca beberapa review mengenai tablet ini, sepertinya hardwarenya sudah lumayan, kecuali RAM-nya yang tergolong kecil yaitu 2 GB. Terasa kurang, mengingat tablet ini bisa juga berfungsi sebagai PC ketika dihubungkan dengan keyboard dan mouse. Selain itu lumayanlah. Versi-versi berikutnya pasti akan dikembangkan lagi. Baby step.

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