Fragmentasi iPad

iPad Pro 9.7 inci yang baru saja diperkenalkan itu ternyata RAM-nya hanya 2GB saja, lebih rendah dibanding iPad Pro 12.7 inci (4GB).

Dikutip dari ArsTechnica:

For the iPad Pro, the consequences could be more far reaching, just because developers are going to be able to do things with 4GB of RAM that just won’t fit into 2GB of RAM. And Apple has occasionally stopped supporting certain devices because of RAM limitations rather than raw performance limitations—the original iPad had 256MB of RAM and didn’t get either iOS 6 or iOS 7, while the 512MB iPhone 4 with the same A4 chip got both updates. It’s going to be fine for now (many actively supported iPads still have 1GB or even 512MB of RAM), but it could one day be a problem nevertheless.

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