Phones in China

Ketika karyawan pabrik yang biasa merakit ponsel untuk perusahaan merancang sendiri ponsel yang mereka inginkan.

Adware yang memanfaatkan Cydia Substrate

Seorang peneliti keamanan asal Cina telah menemukan sebuah file dynamic library (.DYLIB) yang dicurigai adalah sebuah malware atau adware:

This dynamic library, named “spad.dylib”, was found under the directory /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries/. It’s configured to be injected to all applications which use the framework. It uses Cydia Substrate’s API to hook lots of popular advertisement SDKs’ code in all applications which use these SDK to popup advertisement or get statistics of its installation.

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iOS Maps and China

Sementara kebanyakan orang mengejek-ejek aplikasi maps Apple pada iOS 6, Anthony Drendel memberikan pendapatnya sendiri setelah mencoba langsung aplikasi Maps pada iOS 6 dari negara tempat tinggalnya, China:

As someone who lives in China and has to find my way around, the superiority of iOS 6 Maps is clear. In my experience, the new version of Maps zooms in much further, shows more points of interest, clearly labels banks and cellphone shops (China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom), and gives the locations of ATMs and public restrooms (my original iPad running iOS 5 with Google-powered Maps doesn’t show either of those things). The killer feature, though, is that iOS 6 Maps shows both English names and Chinese characters for everything, whereas Google-powered Maps only shows the English translation (on iOS devices whose language is English). This is killer.

Hardware is dead

Jay Goldberg dari Venture Beat menceritakan pengalamannya saat mengunjungi toko-toko elektroni di Shenzhen (China):

I had heard that tablets in China had already reached low price points. You can buy a reasonable Android phone for $100 retail, and I wanted to see if I could find a $150 tablet. This consultant pointed me to a mall filled with hundreds of stalls selling nothing but tablets. I walked into the middle of the scrum to a random stall. I pointed to one of the devices on display and asked, “How much for this one?” 300 kuai. My Mandarin is a bit rusty, so I had to ask again. Slowly, the stall owner repeated renminbi 300 yuan.

If this were a movie, the lights would have dimmed and all the activity in the room frozen. 300 renminbi is US $ 45. And that was the initial offer price given to a bewildered foreigner in China, no haggling. I felt a literal shock.

I bought the device and did some more research. This was a 7-inch tablet, Wi-Fi only with all the attributes of a good tablet. Capacitive touchscreen. Snappy processor. Front facing camera. 4GB of internal memory and an expandable memory slot.

Wow… US$45 untuk sebuah tablet. Kira-kira untungnya darimana?

Ayaka Ikezawa

Ayaka Ikezawa
Ayaka Ikezawa / @ike728


The young and cute Ayaka Ikezawa is currently doing an internship in Google, a senior engineer of Google China has already admitted she is one of their staff, doing coding for Google map. This is really amazing !

Ayaka Ikezawa was born in 1991 (21 years-old), she graduated at Keio University in Japan. She was a part time model and actress in her hometown and has involved in advertising filming. She had filmed two series of video portrait when she was a teenage girl (sorry, no porn !). She loves to write code and her favorite developing tools are Espresso, Coteditor and Xcode.

Terkenal, cantik, muda, pintar, geek, suka programming, kerja di Google. <3

Mengapa kesepakatan Google + Motorola butuh persetujuan dari Cina?

Google telah resmi mengakuisisi Motorola setelah berhasil mendapatkan persetujuan dari regulator Cina.

Latar belakang

Berita tentang Google yang akan mengakuisisi Motorola sudah muncul sejak bulan Agustus 2011 lalu. Namun, walaupun Google sudah punya dana cukup untuk mengakuisisi Motorola tetapi proses akuisisi tidak bisa dilakukan begitu saja. Ini karena proses akuisisi ini harus mendapatkan persetujuan dulu dari beberapa badan regulator, yang dalam kasus ini adalah Komisi Eropa, Departemen Kehakiman Amerika (US) dan Cina. Beberapa hari yang lalu dua dari regulator sudah menyetujui, dan pada akhirnya Cina pun ikut menyetujuinya sehingga pembelian pun bisa terjadi.
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Five years

The Verge:

According to the Wall Street Journal, Reuters, and the Associated Press, Google had to agree to keep Android free and available for anyone to use for at least the next five years in order to gain China’s approval to purchase Motorola Mobility. There’s no more information given on the exact reason for this request,

Jelas, lima tahun adalah waktu maksimal yang dibutuhkan Baidu untuk menyempurnakan Baidu Cloud smartphone, smartphone berbasis Android (fork) yang setiap aplikasi Google di dalamnya digantikan oleh aplikasi “Baidu” semacam Baidu Music, Baidu Map, Baidu Mobile IME dan Baidu Cloud Store.