How I came to find Linux

Ian Murdock menceritakan pengalamannya pertama kali bertemu Linux:

…so one day, in January 1993, I set out to find an X server that would run on my PC. As I searched for such a thing on Usenet, I stumbled across something called “Linux.”

Linux wasn’t an X server, of course, but it was something much better: A complete UNIX-alike operating system for PCs, something I hadn’t even contemplated could exist. Unfortunately, it required a 386 processor or better, and my PC only had a 286. So, I began to save my pennies for a machine fast enough to run it, and while I did that, I devoured everything I could get my hands on about the object of my desire. A few weeks later, I posted a message to Purdue’s computing interest Usenet group asking if anyone on campus was running Linux—and got one response, from a computer science student named Mike Dickey, who happily invited me over to show me his Linux setup. Inspired, I bought a box of thirty floppy diskettes and began the slow process of downloading Linux to the floppies from a PC lab in the Krannert building, though it would be another month before I could afford an actual computer on which to install it.

Ian Murdock, salah satu orang paling penting di dunia GNU/Linux telah meninggal dunia. Terima kasih atas Debian, Ian. Selamat jalan.

Ubuntu by Urban Dictionary

Benarkah ini…?

Ubuntu is an ancient african word, meaning “I can’t configure Debian”.

“I installed Ubuntu yesterday, it was way more easier than Debian”

Catatan: Jangan pernah menanggapi Urban Dictionary terlalu serius 😀

TIL codename Debian asalnya dari karakter Toy Story

*Today I Learned.
Toy Story
Bagi pengguna Linux, terutama pengguna distro Debian dan turunannya (Ubuntu/Linux Mint) mungkin pernah mendengar atau akrab dengan nama Lenny, Squeeze, Wheezy, dan Sid. Mereka adalah codename untuk setiap rilis Debian, sekaligus merupakan karakter-karatker dalam film Toy Story.

Mengapa codename yang diambil berdasarkan karakter dalam film Toy Story? Mari kita simak…
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Biebian: Distro Linux buat Belieber


Anda Belieber (pengemar berat Justin Bieber) sekaligus penggemar GNU/Linux? Cobalah Biebian atau Justin Bieber Linux.

Biebian adalah sebuah distro Linux, distro ini bukan berbasis Debian ataupun Ubuntu melainkan berbasis Puppy Linux 0.2.5. Distro ini sebenarnya distro biasa saja, dan tidak ada hubungan langsung dengan Justin Bieber kecuali wallpaper yang digunakan memang foto dari Justin Bieber. Distro ini hanya jokes belaka yang terinspirasi dari Hannah Montana Linux.
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