Camel Case

Camel Case:

When I worked with HyperCard in pre-PowerMac days, the style of capitalizing the first letter of each word and smushing them together seemed to be called InterCapping? (for both product names and variable names). Searching Google for InterCapping? returns a number of references to support this, many of them expired WikiPages. camelCase, on the other hand, seems to be more closely connected with function calls in Pascal, C/C++, Java, and object-oriented languages using the dot-notation. Though AppleComputer has definitely given camelCase exposure with the iMac, eMac, xServe, iTunes, and other numerous hardware and software. — MarcinJeske?

Apps for Apes (A4A)

Orangutan and iPad
Yahoo! News:

Orangutans across the world may soon join the ranks of millions of humans as proud owners of new iPads. As strange as that may sound, a conservation group is testing its “Apps for Apes” program, allowing orangutans to communicate with each other remotely via the iPad’s video chat technology.

Sungguh berbeda nasib Orangutan di luar negeri dengan Orangutan yang ada di Indonesia. Di luar negeri mereka bisa bermain dengan iPad, di negara asalnya mereka dibantai :(.

(Terima kasih untuk Richard Zimmerman sebagai founder dan Houston Zoo yang telah mendonasikan iPad ke kebun binatang Memphis Zoo dan Toronto Zoo.)
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