Shit Android Fanatics Say

“I hate iOS because it’s closed-source”
“Apple is an evil company”
“Apple copies android’s notification”
“Android is more open than iOS”
“More free apps than iOS”
“Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal”

…and shit like that.

Shit Apple Fanatics Say

“You get what you pay for..”
“No viruses”
“Nobody needs flash”
“It just works”
…and shit like that.

Face Unlock dan paten Apple

Apple Envisions Face & Presence Detection Security for iOS Devices
Paten Apple kembali diributkan oleh fans Google, alias Fandroid. Kali ini adalah paten Apple yang baru-baru ini dipublikasikan; Envisions Face & Presence Detection.
Chris Chavez dari Phandroid:

I don’t want to anyone to dismiss this post as simple Apple bashing troll post but this is getting a bit ridiculous. Apple has recently applied to the USPTO for yet another patent on a technology not only currently in use today — but a main feature in Android 4.0; Face Unlock

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Dear Steve

Steve Jobs
Dear Steve,

Are you there? Of course, I know you’re not there. But are you? Maybe you’ll read this? I know you won’t but I can pretend you will.

I never considered myself a “fanboy” of yours. I really didn’t. You were like a fixture in my universe, but a far off star who’s path I would never cross. But I really never considered myself anything resembling a fan. I knew I was drawn to your quirkiness, your unusual and decisive character, your perfectionism. But I never considered myself a fan.
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