Suasana peluncuran iPhone 5s di Delhi, India.
Suasana peluncuran iPhone 5s di Delhi, India. Via BGR.

BGR India:

The sheer number of people waiting to buy the new iPhones also caused the credit card machines to overheat and stop functioning in an hour and half. People were urged to go and get cash from the ATMs situated in the mall, and very soon those ATM machines too ran out of cash.

“The iPhone just feels more focused. It’s hard to explain”

Matthew Buchanan setelah menggunakan iPhone 5s selama 2 hari:

Speaking of fast, the A7 chip and 64 bit architecture makes this phone absolutely fly. It renders all of iOS 7’s transparency and Gaussian blurs with ease. There is no sign of lag or stutter anywhere. I never thought Android was particularly laggy, but this device makes Project Butter look like Project Crunchy Peanut Butter. The touch responsiveness of the iPhone has always (objectively) been better than Android devices, and it’s never been more evident to me than it is now .

I get a different “sense” from using the iPhone. It feels more like a very focused tool than anything else. When I had an Android phone, it could do so much that I did anything and everything on it…it was like a multitool. It did a lot, pretty well. But the iPhone just feels more focused. It’s hard to explain.

Respon positif untuk iPhone 5s

Sudah dapat tanggapan yang positif, iPhone 5s juga dikatakan sebagai “the best smartphone available.” Memangnya apa sih bagusnya iPhone 5s itu?

Buat yang mau beli iPhone 5s, silakan dipikir baik-baik:

  • Layarnya kecil. Cuma 4 inci, kalah sama yang lain.
  • Prosesor hanya 1.3 GHz – dual-core. Hello… hari gini masih pakai dual-core? Smartphone lain malah sudah pakai octa-core.
  • RAM cuma 1 GB. W00t!? Sekarang jamannya 2 GB bro!.
  • Kamera bukan 41 MP. Ini keterlaluan, kan kasihan para #Instagramer. Masa cuma dapat 8 MP sih?

Gimana, kok bisa smartphone dengan spec tahun 2011 kayak gitu dapat title “the best smartphone available”. Saya heran.

True Tone Flash


It combines both a cool white and warm amber LED and, in real time analyzes the color of the surrounding and fires the flash to suit, thus giving you the best possible flash for that environment (over 1000 possible color variations). No other flash in any camera ever produced can do this. Let that sink in.

Fingerprint sensor di iPhone 5s



And like the sensor in the iPhone 5S, the sensors that will be in laptops and keyboards and other phones can detect the ridge and valley pattern of your fingerprint not from the layer of dead skin on the outside of your finger (which a fake finger can easily replicate), but from the living layer of skin under the surface of your finger, using an RF signal. That only works on a live finger; not one that’s been severed from your body.

This will protect you from thieves trying to chop off your finger when they mug you for your phone (assuming they’re tech-literate thieves, of course), as well as from people with fake fingers using the fingerprint they lifted from your phone screen.

Kabar baiknya, sensor pada iPhone 5s hanya akan menerima jari yang masih hidup saja. Kabar buruknya, pistol di kepala Anda bisa membuat Anda mematikan fitur keamanan sidik jarinya dengan senang hati.