Launchpad kini mendukung Git

Hari ini Launchpad, yang merupakan code/project hosting yang umum digunakan untuk pengembangan proyek-proyek Ubuntu secara resmi mengumumkan dukungan terhadap Git.

Dari blog resmi Launchpad:

Today we’re announcing early support for hosting Git repositories directly on Launchpad, as well as or instead of Bazaar branches. This has been by far the single most commonly requested feature from Launchpad code hosting for a long time; we’ve been working hard on it for several months now, and we’re very happy to be able to release it for general use.

This is distinct from the facility to import code from Git (and some other systems) into Bazaar that Launchpad has included for many years. Code imports are useful to aggregate information from all over the free software ecosystem in a unified way, which has always been one of the primary goals of Launchpad, and in the future we may add the facility to import code into Git as well. However, what we’re releasing today is native support: you can use git push to upload code to Launchpad, and your users and collaborators can use git clone to download it, in the same kind of way that you can with any Git server.

Launchpad Bug #1000000

For every bug on Launchpad, 67 iPads are sold.

Schools are spending way too much resources that they don’t even have on iPads that will soon be obsolete.

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iPads in Education and the Road Ahead for Edubuntu

In Edubuntu, we aim to provide a tablet platform that can compete with the iPad in terms of features, eco-system and price.


Please join our cause and help fix this bug!

Bug ini sama anehnya dengan bug #1

Mengapa Ubuntu menggunakan Launchpad?

Mengapa bukan Github, Bitbucket atau yang lainnya?


Dalam proses pengembangan perangkat lunak dikenal istilah version control. Version control atau Version Control System (VCS) adalah suatu sistem pengelolaan dokumen, program, dan informasi lainnya. Sistem ini biasa digunakan oleh para pengembang perangkat lunak untuk memantau atau mengontrol perangkat lunak atau file yang mereka sharing. Beberapa VCS yang cukup populer adalah GitHub, Bitbucket, SourceForge dan Launchpad.

Bagi pengguna Ubuntu, nama Launchpad pasti sudah tidak asing lagi. Sebagian besar proyek Ubuntu menggunakan Launchpad sebagai Version Control dan bug tracking system.Tapi, mengapa sebagian besar proyek Ubuntu menggunakan Launchpad?
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