Wily Werewolf

Wily Werewolf
Wily (cokelat) sedang berkumpul bersama teman-temannya saat mendengarkan pengumuman dirinya dijadikan sebagai maskot Ubuntu 15.10.

Ubuntu 15.10 yang rencananya akan dirilis bulan Oktober 2015 nanti telah memiliki code name baru, yaitu “Wily Werewolf”.

Dari blog Mark Shuttleworth:

… thank you to all who have made such witty suggestions in webby forums. Alas, the “wacky wabbit” and “watery walrus”, while weird enough and wisely whimsical, won’t win the race. The “warty wombat”, while wistfully wonderful, will break all sorts of systems with its wepetition. And the “witchy whippet”, in all its wiry weeness, didn’t make the cut.

Instead, my waggish friends, the winsome W on which we wish will be… the “wily werewolf”.

Mungkin agak susah mencari nama hewan yang cocok untuk rilis “W” ini, jadinya Mark terpaksa sekali (setelah Jackalope dan Unicorn) lagi mencari nama hewan mitologi, alias hewan yang tidak real. Padahal saya berharap Mark Shuttleworth akan memilih nama Wildebeest 😉

Safir untuk Edge

Konsep Ubuntu Edge
Konsep Ubuntu Edge yang diperkuat dengan layar Sapphire Glass.

Di saat rumor tentang iPhone 6 yang akan menggunakan layar safir sedang berkembang, Mark Shuttleworth membeberkan hal menarik; Apple telah membeli seluruh pasokan layar safir untuk 3 tahun, bahan yang sama yang akan digunakan Canonical untuk Ubuntu Edge.

Dikutip dari Gigaom:

“Apple just snapped up the entire 3-year supply of the same sapphire display we wanted for the Edge,” Shuttleworth said on a conference call.

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Operator Indonesia bergabung dalam Carrier Advisory Group Ubuntu

Mark Shuttleworth yang bertindak sebagai pembicara pada ajang Mobile Asia Expo (MAE) 2013 di Shanghai mengungkapkan bahwa Carrier Advisory Group (CAG) telah kedatangan beberapa anggota baru, dan salah satunya adalah operator dari Indonesia.

Mark Shuttleworth melalui blognya:

Very briefly – had an excellent show at Mobile Asia Expo. Very valuable feedback from carrier partners on our progress with Ubuntu’s mobile experience and ecosystem. And just heard that a US operator has joined our advisory group – alongside recent additions from Indonesia and Australia.

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“Making money is not a bug”

Jika Anda mengikuti perkembangan Ubuntu 12.10 akhir-akhir ini pasti Anda mendengar bahwa iklan Amazon akan terinstall secara default pada hasil pencarian di Unity pada Ubuntu 12.10. Berita ini, membuat heboh komunitas terkait dengan masalah privasi pengguna, dan kebanyakan langsung memprotes tindakan dari Canonical. Beberapa orang bahkan mengancam akan migrasi dari Ubuntu.

Menanggapi kehebohan ini, Mark Shuttleworth menanggapinya pada blog pribadinya:

Why are you putting ads in Ubuntu?

We’re not putting ads in Ubuntu. We’re integrating online scope results into the home lens of the dash. This is to enable you to hit “Super” and then ask for anything you like, and over time, with all of the fantastic search scopes that people are creating, we should be able to give you the right answer.

These are not ads because they are not paid placement, they are straightforward Amazon search results for your search. So the Dash becomes a super-search of any number of different kinds of data. Right now, it’s not dynamically choosing what to search, it’s just searching local scopes and Amazon, but it will get smarter over time.

This is just a moneymaking scheme.

We picked Amazon as a first place to start because most of our users are also regular users of Amazon, and it pays us to make your Amazon journey get off to a faster start. Typing Super “queen marking cage” Just Worked for me this morning. I am now looking forward to my game of Ultimate Where’s Waldo hunting down the queens in my bee colonies, Ubuntu will benefit from the fact that I chose to search Amazon that way, Amazon benefits from being more accessible to a very discerning, time-conscious and hotkey-friendly audience.

But there are many more kinds of things you can search through with Unity scopes. Most of them won’t pay Ubuntu a cent, but we’ll still integrate them into the coolest just-ask-and-you’ll-receive experience. I want us to do this because I think we can make the desktop better.

Why are you telling Amazon what I am searching for?

We are not telling Amazon what you are searching for. Your anonymity is preserved because we handle the query on your behalf. Don’t trust us? Erm, we have root. You do trust us with your data already. You trust us not to screw up on your machine with every update. You trust Debian, and you trust a large swathe of the open source community. And most importantly, you trust us to address it when, being human, we err.

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Mark Shuttleworth: Thanks to the Ubuntu community


For the first time with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, real desktop user experience innovation is available on a full production-ready enterprise-certified free software platform, free of charge, well before it shows up in Windows or MacOS. It’s not ‘job done’ by any means, but it’s a milestone. Achieving that milestone has tested the courage and commitment of the Ubuntu community – we had to move from being followers and integrators, to being designers and shapers of the platform, together with upstreams who are excited to be part of that shift and passionate about bringing goodness to a wide audience. It’s right for us to design experiences and help upstreams get those experiences to be amazing, because we are closest to the user; we are the last mile, the last to touch the code, and the first to get the bug report or feedback from most users.

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS adalah rilis pertama Ubuntu yang berani saya gunakan sejak versi aplha. Hampir tiap hari update-an untuk Ubuntu 12.04 LTS dikeluarkan, hampir tiap hari pula laporan crash dikirim ke Launchpad, dan mengikuti perkembangannya dari rilis alpha sampai dengan rilis beta membuat saya semakin betah dengan Unity.

Engineers are human beings too!

The hard core Linux engineers can use… anything, really. Linus is probably equally comfortable with Linux-from-scratch as with Ubuntu. But his daughter Daniela needs something that works for human beings of all shapes, sizes, colours and interests. She’s in our audience. I hope she’d love Ubuntu if she tries it. She could certainly install it for herself while Dad isn’t watching Linus and other kernel hackers are our audience too, of course, but they can help himself if things get stuck.

Again, thanks to the Ubuntu community, 500 amazing people at Canonical, the contributors to all of the free software that makes it possible, and our users.

Yup, I hope Daniela will give Ubuntu 12.04 a test-run.