“2016 Flagship Killer”

Wow, Android Police (blog teknologi yang fokus ke Android) rupanya “putus” dengan OnePlus gara-gara artikel yang dipublikasikan Android Police (AP) mengenai OnePlus 2: That is a point I’d like to highlight, actually: OnePlus can only succeed at these lower price points where they aren’t actually forced to directly compete with the likes of Apple, Samsung, […]

Penampakan Ubuntu Touch di OnePlus One

Seorang developer dari forum OnePlus berhasil menginstall Ubuntu Touch ke OnePlus One. Keren! Ubuntu Touch on OnePlus One pic.twitter.com/fg192JPilm — IVAN (@ivanfzy) February 26, 2015 Buat yang sudah punya OnePlus One dan mau coba-coba dengan Ubuntu Touch (yang saat ini masih berstatus work in progress), ayo cek source-nya di halaman GitHub mariogrip, sang developer.

OnePPlus One

Apa hubungan antara OnePlus dengan Oppo? Dikutip dari GizmoChina: However, according to information shown by China public industrial and commerce, Oneplus was not so independent as Pete Lau indicated. What’s more, there is evidence showing “Oneplus is definitely wholly-owned sub-brand of OPPO” now, which is known by document from Market surveillance department in Shenzhen, China. […]