Ubuntu tablet pertama diperkenalkan

Dikutip dari OMG!Ubuntu:

Canonical has officially unveiled the world’s FIRST Ubuntu tablet, the Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition.

Made by Spanish OEM Bq, the 10-inch tablet runs the same core Ubuntu operating system as the Ubuntu Phone but the user experience dynamically adapts based on input and screen size.

This means it’s able to work both as a tablet and provide a full Ubuntu desktop experience — the first such device to do so.

Canonical say the M10 is ‘the first in a series of converged devices’, suggesting that more hardware will be announced in the coming months.

Dari The Verge:

Plug in these peripherals and the 10.1-inch tablet switches from a full-screen mobile layout to a windowed user interface. Add a monitor, and you’ve got an Ubuntu PC. It’s a niche computing experience, but it’s one that’s full of possibilities.


Setelah Ubuntu Phone, akhirnya Canonical memperkenalkan Ubuntu Tablet.

Setelah membaca beberapa review mengenai tablet ini, sepertinya hardwarenya sudah lumayan, kecuali RAM-nya yang tergolong kecil yaitu 2 GB. Terasa kurang, mengingat tablet ini bisa juga berfungsi sebagai PC ketika dihubungkan dengan keyboard dan mouse. Selain itu lumayanlah. Versi-versi berikutnya pasti akan dikembangkan lagi. Baby step.

Duh, iPad mini terlalu mahal dibanding Nexus 7

You’ll get what you pay for.

Mike, pengguna Nexus 7:

When I have a problem with an Apple product I walk into the store and walk out with a working device or immediate replacement. I’ve bought two Kindles that had problems, and Amazon shipped replacements overnight, at no charge for shipping in either direction.
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Instalasi Ubuntu di Nexus 7

Ubuntu on Nexus 7

Tampaknya Nexus 7 adalah tablet “resmi” yang akan digunakan sebagai perangkat ujicoba untuk menjalankan Ubuntu 13.04. Jono Bacon, Manajer Komunitas Ubuntu Canonical mengungkapkan dari blognya:

A core goal for Ubuntu 13.04 is to get Ubuntu running on a Nexus 7 tablet.

Seperti yang sudah diberitakan sebelumnya, Mark Shuttleworth sempat menganjurkan kepada para peserta/developer yang akan hadir pada UDS (Ubuntu Developer Summit) di Denmark untuk membawa serta perangkat Nexus 7 mereka. Dan Mark sudah pasti punya tujuan tersendiri mengapa ia sempat menyebut-nyebut tentang Nexus 7, bersamaan dengan pengumuman nama Ubuntu 13.04, Raring Ringtail.

Rupanya, Mark berniat mengajak para developer untuk menguji coba Ubuntu 13.04 pada perangkat tablet, khususnya Nexus 7. Bahkan untuk mendukung goal ini, telah dibentuk sebuah proyek “Ubuntu on the Nexus 7” di Launchpad yang nantinya akan dimanfaatkan oleh para developer dan beta tester untuk bertukar informasi.

Untuk membantu para developer agar bisa menjalankan Ubuntu pada Nexus 7, Canonical telah merilis tutorial dan program khusus, yang bisa langsung dilihat pada halaman Wiki-nya. Jika Anda memiliki Nexus 7 dan cukup berani untuk mencobanya, silakan ke halaman tersebut untuk mengikuti tutorialnya.

Ubuntu di Nexus 7

Pada saat mengumumkan codename untuk Ubuntu 13.04, Raring Ringtail, Mark Shuttleworth mengajak para peserta UDS (Ubuntu Developer Summit) yang akan diadakan nanti di Denmark untuk membawa Google Nexus 7 mereka.

So bring along a Nexus 7 if you’re coming to Copenhagen, because it makes a rumpty reference for our rootin’ tootin’ radionic razoring.

Dari pernyataan Mark ini bisa disimpulkan bahwa Canonical atau para developer akan mengumumkan sesuatu terkait dengan Ubuntu untuk tablet.

Dan benar saja, Victor Palau, Commercial Engineering Director di Canonical mengupload sebuah video ke YouTube yang menampilkan Ubuntu 13.04 yang berjalan mulus pada Nexus 7.
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HTC menyerah jualan tablet


Di AS, tiga tablet HTC, yakni Flyer, Evo View 4G, dan Jetstream, belum pernah mencatat prestasi penjualan yang baik. Penjualan tablet di AS masih didominasi oleh Apple iPad dan Samsung Galaxy Tab. Alhasil, HTC menghentikan penjualan ketiga model tabletnya di AS.

Ini langkah terbaik buat HTC. Melihat Apple (Amazon dan Google) menjual jutaan tablet seperti memutuskan harapan buat HTC.

Mungkin HTC harus punya strageti baru, misalnya merilis 3-4 tablet perbulan, sama seperti smartphone mereka yang menggempur pasar setiap bulan.

Since when is designing your app properly for tablets a feature?

Tablet Apps
Ayman07 via Reddit:

I emailed the developer a couple of months ago saying that I could not activate the tablet interface. Just yesterday I proceeded to give the developer a 1* feedback for his unprofessionalism and neglect. Of course, miraculously, I received an email from the developer the next day essentially saying, if you want fragments, you’re going to have to pay for that ‘feature’.

Are you kidding me?! Since when is designing your app properly for tablets a feature? I have to pay to have the app look like how it was meant to look? That seems like a money grab by the developer. It’s ludicrous.

Upgrade treadmill

Glenn Fleishman dari TidBITS:

To the first point, the upgrade treadmill, that hits home much more closely to the Android ecosystem, which has multiple manufacturers producing new models seemingly monthly, even though the new models often run older versions of Android that lack marquee features, and older models are often incapable of being upgraded after even a single version release.

Apple, by contrast, has a three-to-five-year window of support for older equipment (iCloud compatibility aside!).

Multi-touch iPhone

iPhone also introduces an entirely new user interface based on a large multi-touch display and pioneering new software, letting you control everything with just your fingers. So it ushers in an era of software power and sophistication never before seen in a mobile device, completely redefining what you can do on a mobile phone.

Multi-touch menjadi booming sejak 2007.
Sementara smartphone ber-touchscreen atau PDA masih bergantung pada stylush, Apple sudah meluncurkan iPhone, smartphone pertama yang memiliki layar multi-touch yang benar-benar bekerja.

Sekarang, multi-touch sudah bisa ditemukan di mana-mana. Bahkan trackpad pada laptop sudah memiliki fitur multi-touch. Dengan multi-touch pula penjualan tablet bisa melampaui penjualan PC.

Hardware is dead

Jay Goldberg dari Venture Beat menceritakan pengalamannya saat mengunjungi toko-toko elektroni di Shenzhen (China):

I had heard that tablets in China had already reached low price points. You can buy a reasonable Android phone for $100 retail, and I wanted to see if I could find a $150 tablet. This consultant pointed me to a mall filled with hundreds of stalls selling nothing but tablets. I walked into the middle of the scrum to a random stall. I pointed to one of the devices on display and asked, “How much for this one?” 300 kuai. My Mandarin is a bit rusty, so I had to ask again. Slowly, the stall owner repeated renminbi 300 yuan.

If this were a movie, the lights would have dimmed and all the activity in the room frozen. 300 renminbi is US $ 45. And that was the initial offer price given to a bewildered foreigner in China, no haggling. I felt a literal shock.

I bought the device and did some more research. This was a 7-inch tablet, Wi-Fi only with all the attributes of a good tablet. Capacitive touchscreen. Snappy processor. Front facing camera. 4GB of internal memory and an expandable memory slot.

Wow… US$45 untuk sebuah tablet. Kira-kira untungnya darimana?