Trojan itu bernama Elop

  1. Sebelum menjadi CEO Nokia, Stephen Elop adalah karyawan Microsoft yang menjabat sebagai Kepala Divisi Bisnis mulai sejak Januari 2008 sampai dengan September 2010. Yang bertanggung jawab atas Microsoft Office? Elop orangnya.
  2. Pada September 2010, Microsoft mengirim Elop ke Nokia, menggantikan Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo sebagai CEO.
  3. Pada Februari 2011, beredar memo dari Elop yang berjudul “Burning Platform”, yang pada intinya adalah menghentikan pengembangan Symbian, atau semua yang tidak ada hubungannya dengan Windows Phone untuk fokus ke Microsoft.
  4. Maret 2011, Nokia memberikan Elop bonus sebesar US$6 juta.
  5. Pada tahun 2012, lebih dari 12.000 karyawan Nokia di-PHK.
  6. September 2013, Elop keluar dari Nokia dan pulang ke Microsoft, dengan bonus berlimpah.

Good job!

Gunakan OpenDNS untuk mencegah trojan Flashback

Allison Rhodes (OpenDNS team):

OpenDNS — security and DNS provider of choice for 2% of all Internet users — is blocking the Flashback Trojan, or what’s being described as one of the single biggest Mac security incidents of all time. As OpenDNS does in cases of very large scale attacks like this, the protection is included in Premium DNS and completely free to users. People not yet using OpenDNS need only to set up the service on their wireless router, computer or device to secure their computers and devices from the attack. (OpenDNS also offers OpenDNS Enterprise, a security service for businesses that includes comprehensive malware and botnet protection.)

If you’re already using OpenDNS services, no action is required to get the protection. It was enabled for you automatically. In addition to protection from Flashback, OpenDNS will also protect you from future, widespread attacks and make your Internet both faster and more reliable.

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Mac terinfeksi malware


Third-party software is an ideal vector. The current exploit is triggered by a known flaw in Java, which was installed on every copy of OS X until the release of Lion (OS X 10.7) last summer. The flaw was reported in January and patched by Oracle in February, but the Apple version of Java didn’t get a patch until early April. So for several months, every Mac owner was vulnerable unless they took specific steps to remove or disable Java.

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