When users talk about “Linux” …

Mike Gerwitz:

This naming issue is so widespread that most users would not recognize what GNU is, even if they are using a GNU/Linux operating system. I recently read an article that referred to GNU Bash as “Linux’s Bash”; this is simply a slap in the face to all the hackers that have for the past 26 years been writing what is one of today’s most widely used shells on Unix-like systems (including on Apple’s proprietary Mac OSX), and all the other GNU hackers.

When users talk about “Linux” as the name of the operating system, they avoid talking about GNU. And by avoiding mention of GNU, they are also avoiding discussion of the core principles upon which GNU is founded—the belief that all users deserve software granting four essential freedoms: the freedom to use the program for any purpose; the freedom to study the program and modify it to suit your needs (or have someone do it on your behalf); the freedom to share the program with others; and the freedom to share your changes with others. We call software that respects these four freedoms free/libre software.

Hmm.. kalau dipikir-pikir, kita ini pakai GNU yang pakai Linux kernel atau pakai Linux yang ditambah tools GNU?

Why Microsoft needed to make Windows run Linux software

Dikutip dari ArsTechnica:

why? Superficially, the answer is easy—developers like these tools, so supporting them makes developers happy—but the story runs a little deeper than that. Supporting Linux apps in Windows is a significant move for a company that has spent decades promoting its own APIs and application platform, and it’s unlikely that the company would make such a move just to provide a few creature comforts to developers. The need goes deeper than that.

Sepertinya benar kalau Ubuntu on Windows adalah strategi Microsoft untuk menyaingi OS X.

Apple menutup celah Siri


Apple tidak mengijinkan fitur Night Shift dan Low Power Mode aktif bersamaan karena kedua fitur tersebut saling bertabrakan. Tapi rupanya ada pengguna yang berhasil menemukan cara mengaktifkan keduanya secara bersamaan dengan bantuan Siri. Sesuai dengan dugaan saya sebelumnya, trik “tersembunyi” ini bukanlah fitur tersembunyi, tetapi sebuah celah yang belum disadari oleh Apple. Dan sekarang celah tersebut sudah ditutup, dan trik Siri ini sudah tidak bekerja lagi.

Cara kerja aplikasi pembersih RAM/cache di iOS

Salah satu masalah umum yang sering dihadapi oleh pengguna iPhone adalah masalah ketersediaan RAM (memori) dan storage space (ruang penyimpanan). Ukuran aplikasi semakin lama semakin besar, tiap ada penambahan fitur ukurannya bertambah dan semakin lama digunakan space yang digunakan pun semakin besar pula. Sedangkan iPhone tidak dilengkapi dengan slot memori eksternal untuk memecahkan masalah ini.

Dari sinilah aplikasi-aplikasi pembersih RAM/cache menjadi populer di App Store karena fungsinya sangat dibutuhkan oleh pengguna terutama yang kapasitas penyimpanan iPhone-nya rendah.
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Embrace, extend dan extinguish

Dikutip dari The Economist:

Up to now, Microsoft has “embraced” the technology, meaning that computers running Windows could connect to Unix servers. But with its new operating system, Windows 2000, the company has “extended” Kerberos, making a slight change so that Microsoft’s version is not fully interoperable with the standard version found at hundreds of universities, financial institutions and other firms across the world.

This, critics say, is an attempt to “extinguish” a public standard, to help Windows become the dominant operating system on servers as well. Given Microsoft’s version of Kerberos, they argue, IT managers have an incentive to opt for an all-Windows network. That is because users will find it easier to log on and gain access to all the features of the new operating system if both PCs and servers run Windows 2000.

Merasa familiar dengan kutipan di atas terutama bagian yang ditebalkan?
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