There is no magic in root

You might have bought your phone, but you aren’t the owner of system files and folders. Those belong to the system, and your “stuff” is in a different place where you’re allowed to muck around with it. The system user is allowed to muck around, too, because it might need to make adjustments to stuff that’s yours, because it’s stored on space that’s theirs. This is how Unix-based permissions work. Your space gives you permission to do most anything, and it may give other users permission to do it all. In the space that’s not yours, you’re only allowed to look while the system user can do it all, because it’s their space.

Sebuah artikel yang bagus dari Android Central soal rooting dan root (“/”).

Cocoknya dibaca untuk pengguna GNU/Linux, Android, OS X, iOS dan bagi siapa saja yang ingin tahu lebih soal security dan file system pada OS yang berbasis UNIX.